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Torrie's 93 LX
Torrie's 88 GT
86 ASC McLaren
MM Race 86 GT
Matt's 86 GT
David's 93 LX
Don's 88 Saleen
Saleen Photos












Webmasters 1986 ASC McLaren Capri coupe






93lx1.jpg (12023 bytes)


Webmasters 1993 351w 450hpLX Notchback



88gt1.jpg (22084 bytes)

Webmasters 1988 GT Convertible

Currently Deceased !!






This is our current race 86 GT, keep an eye out for it at Fun Ford Weekend events around the country.

This 86 GT Belongs to a Good friend of ours (Nitrous) Matt Eggleton

Stock 1997 GT

Owner Mike Dotoli

1988 Saleen Mustang 007 Ordered for racing with no power options or A/C Raced in Fun

Owner Don Walker


1990 Mustang GT current modifications are, flowmaster exhaust,underdrive pulleys, 13 degrees timing, jacobs ignition system, and a k&n air filter

Owner Cindy Lounsbury


1993 LX Coupe This car used to be a Florida Highway Patrol car

Owner David Edwards



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