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                                Performance Packages

                          These kits are for 86-93 Mustangs

Power Package 1- alum. street pullies, Flowtech long tube headers & h-pipe, MAC cat back system,
                 190lph pump, K&N Cone filter, 3.73 gear, and flex fan kit		$ 899.95

Special Systemax 2 kit- includes systemax heads, systemax 2 intake, special cam, pushrods,
                        3 key way timing chain, and ARP headbolts			$1999.95

Power Systemax 2 kit-  includes the above kit with stage 2 ported heads, extrude honed intake,
                      and custom matched cam			$3295.95 

Power Package 2- Edelbrock Performer heads, Cobra intake, custom cam, 1.7 Cobra rocker arms,
                 Fel-Pro Gaskets, 24lb. injectors, 75mm Bullet mass air, and 65mm T-body	$2449.95

Power Package 3- Stage 2 Edelbrock 5.0 heads, Stage 2 GT-40 intake, custom cam, 1.6 rockerarms, Fel-Pro 
                 Gaskets, 30 lb. Inj., 75mm Bullet mass air, 70mm T-body, and 70mm EGR 	$3799.95

Power Package 4- Stage 3 Victor JR heads, Stage 3 Victor 5.0 Intake, custom cam, Alum. Rockerarms, Fel-Pro 
                 gaskets, 36 lb. Inj., 80mm Pro-M mass air, 75mm T-Body, and 75mm EGR 	$4699.95  

Total Power Package- Stage 4 Victor JR. heads, Stage 4 302 Victor Jr. intake, solid roller cam,
                     and Alum. Rockerarms                                          	$4399.95
                     Also available for 351W 			$4499.95
Total Power Package Plus- includes everything from the total power package plus: 347 stroker motor with 
                          main cap girdle, Canton 302 pro-pan & pickup, 950HP series Holley, 
                          and tall Ford Motorsports valvecovers 			$9499.95
	                 Also available as a 408 stroker Engine 		$9999.95 

Nitrous Package 1- NOS Stage 1 EFI kit, NOS bottle heater, NHRA  legal pop off, NOS bottle Pressure gauge,
                   and NOS N2O Filter kit			$ 649.95

Nitrous Package 2- NOS Big Shot EFI plate kit, NOS bottle heater, NOS purge valve, NHRA legal pop off,
                   NOS bottle Pressure gauge, NOS filter, and 5.0 fuel line adapter kit 	$ 949.95

Nitrous Package 3- NOS Sniper kit for Holley, NOS bottle heater, NHRA legal pop Off, NOS bottle pressure 
                   gauge, and NOS filter			$ 549.95

Nitrous Package 4- NOS Big Shot for Holley, NOS bottle heater, NHRA legal pop off, NOS Purge valve, 
                   NOS bottle pressure Gauge, & N2O filter			$ 749.95

Supercharger Package 1- 9lb. Paxton NOVI blower kit, Autometer Boost & Fuel Press. gauge, Pillar Pod, 
                        Cap and Rotor, 300+ Plug Wires, 75mm mass air, and 24 LB. Inj.	$3599.95

Supercharger Package 2- 14 LB. Paxton NOVI kit, Vortech after-cooler, Autometer Boost and Fuel pressure gauge, 
                        air bleed, pillar pod, cap and rotor, 300+ plug wires, 75mm mass air,
                        30 LB. inj., and Nology coil			$5399.95	  

JRB Tubular front suspension kit- JRB tubular front k-member, JRB tubular front control arms, JRB coil-over kit,
                                  and MAC caster/camber plates			$1049.95
Drag Suspension Package- Drag Launch Spring Kit, Lakewood 90/10 or 70/30 drag struts, Lakewood 50/50 rear shocks,
                         Southside uppers & lift bars, and Weld-on subframe connectors	$ 749.95

Pro Street Drag Suspension Package- tubular front k-member, tubular front control arms, front coil-over kit,
                                    AVO adj. front struts, Camber plates, Rear coil-over kit with adj. shocks,
                                    Griggs Severe duty torque arm, rear lower control arms, Griggs HD panhard 
                                    rod kit and subframes 			$2999.95

Handling Suspension Package- Eibach lowering springs, Monroe Formula GP front struts & GP rear shocks,
                             Energy Suspensions complete Bushing kit, weld-on subframe connectors, 
                             Strut tower brace, and G-load brace			$ 849.95

Pro Handling Suspension Package- Griggs front k-member, Griggs front control arms, Griggs front coil-over kit,
                                 Koni front struts, Camber plates, Rear coil-over kit with Koni shocks,
                                 Griggs Severe duty torque arm, Griggs rear lower control arms, Griggs R-model
                                 panhard rod , and subframes			$3599.95

Transmission Package 1- Tremec 3550 trans., Alum. bellhousing, Pro 5.0 shifter, Dual Friction clutch kit,
                        and Clutch Quadrant kit			$1999.95

Transmission Package 2- Dynamic Comp C-4, Precision Industries 10 in. converter, Flex-a-lite trans. Cooler,
                        Hurst Quarter Stick, C-4 Bellhousing, And HD flexplate		$1699.95

Transmission Package 3- Dynamic Mighty Mite C-4, Precision Industries 9.5 Stallion converter, Trans cooler,
                        Hurst Quarter Stick, JW SFI bellhousing, and SFI flexplate	$2899.95

Street Axle Package- Moser Axles, studs, Redline 75W90, and Auburn Pro 		$ 529.95

Race Axle Package- Moser 8.8 race axles, Moser 8.8 Full Spool, C-clip Eliminators, long studs, 
                   Redline 75W90, and TA cover with stud 			$ 769.95
The above packages are for 86-93 Mustang. These packages do not include freight;
 freight will be billed at current ground rates. Any modifications (parts substitution 
 or deletion) to the packages will effect the pricing of the package accordingly.   


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