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Ceece Coburn’s 351W 1990 Mustang GT

Svo 4 Bolt 9.5” 351W Block (Pro Prepped)                                            Svo Forged Steel Crankshaft (G-351) Polished

Oliver 6.200 Standard Light Rods (Steel)                                                J & E Custom Forged Pistons 10:1 Comp w/ HD Wrist Pins,

Svo 351W Lower Intake (Ported to heads/Intake)                                   Cobra Ported Upper Intake (Gasket Ported to Heads)

SVO GT-40X “Turbo Swirl” Aluminum Heads (Fully Ported, 3way Valve Job, Milled, Blended Bowels, Bronze Guides, SS Valves)

SVO “X” Camshaft (.542 Lift 286 /224 Duration)                                   Crane Hydraulic Roller Lifters

Melling M83 Oil Pump & Pickup                                                            SVO High Volume Water Pump

ARP Studs and Engine Bolts                                                                  SVO “SFI” Steel Damper

SVO “SFI” Steel Fly Wheel                                                                   Lakewood “SFI” Bellhousing

Lakewood “SFI” Loop                                                                           SVO “SFI” Aluminum Drive Shaft

Kirban Billet Adjustable Fuel Regulator                                                   351 Distributor w/Steel Gear

Moroso “Poly Box” (Not Installed Yet)                                                  Childs & Alberts ZGS Stainless Steel Pro Molly Rings

Moroso 8qt. Oil Pan w/ Baffles and Windage Tray                                  SVO HD Clutch and Centerforce Dual Friction Disc

Moroso Dipstick (Chrome)                                                                     SVO 351 Accessory Bracket (AC/PS)

SVO 351W Shorty Headers                                                                   FMS Convertible Mounts

FMS HD Pushrods (7.567”)                                                                   SVO Aluminum Damper Spacer

SVO 24lb Injectors                                                                                SVO 65mm Throttle Body

SVO 73mm Mass Air Sensor                                                                 Double Roller Timing Chain w/ Steel Gear

SVO 3:55:1 Rear Gear Ratio                                                                  SVO Aluminum Rear Differential Cover

190 lph Electric Fuel Pump                                                                     ’93 Cobra Underdrive Pulley’s

’93 Cobra EEC-IV computer                                                                 Hurst Short Throw Shifter

HD T-5 Transmission                                                                            SVO 1.6 Roller Rockers

SVO Blue Silicon Hose Kit                                                                    Harwood 4” Cowl Hood

Centerline Auto Drag Rims                                                                    BF-Goodrich Tires




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